Night train to Berlin

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nevar77

In 2002 on a backpack tour of Europe my girlfriend and I went on the night train from Copenhagen on our way down to France. At first we were alone in a 6 bunk sleeping car section, it was not very late but not much else to do so after a tour to the bistro car we went up to claim the two top bunks, close to the ceiling. After a short while the train made a stop where two more people came in to the compartment. The conductor came and checked their tickets and we heard how they settled into the two bottom bunks so that there still were empty ones between us. Before leaving the conductor we said good night and lowered the lights. I lay there for a while listening for noises and looking across the dim isle when suddenly my girlfriend came clinging across in her pajamas. There was very little room so I squeezed up against the wall as far as I could but it was clear that she could not stay for long. I expected a little cuddle and a good night kiss, but she had other plans. She put her index finger to her lips to hush me, looked sternly in my eyes and reached for my boxers. She gave me an amazing hand job and with the other people in the compartment I was not allowed to make any sound at all. Fortunately there was a loud click in the door before the conductor came in to tell the next stop so we could freeze and cover up. I still have no idea if the people in the bottom bunks knew anything of what was going on, but I eventually had the strongest and most quiet orgasm ever, came all over me and her. She gave me a light kiss and disappeared across the isle. When we woke up the train was at the station and the other guys had already gone.