Night sky sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Gry

We all have that one man which we can find ourselves so attracted to even though logically they are not our style. But our bodies yet feel a strong desire. A desire which can not be ignored. I have always had a lot of fantasies of this man which I actually find quite rude, dominant and not so very nice. But my body wants him. In one of my fantasies we are out for a walk at night. Since i live in a very small capital no one else is out at night. He usually lives in a big city but visits me sometimes. To fulfill my fantasies. This particular night we are out and it is this beautiful night sky filled with stars. It is a lovely autumn night. Not that very cold at night. In his usual mansplaning way he begins to tell me about the Zodiac signs on the sky. Which i already know. Still I let him talk while I slowly begin to remove piece after piece of clothing from myself. I know he really loved my breasts so before our walk into the night I have choosen a top with a lot of buttons. On this place there is a beautiful big oak tree which I love. While he talks I notice how he follows every move I make. Therefore he follows me to the tree.

I lean against the tree and take his hands and move them toward my breasts and all the buttons on the top. His breathing begins to get louder and he pushes me against the tree. We kiss while he in a very determined manner removes my top with all the buttons. He kisses my nipples, my neck and starts to unzip my black jeans. He puts his big warm hand inside my panties and starts touching me. -"oh my, you are so ready for me arent you"? I just nod, look in his blue eyes and lay my hand on his now very hard dick. Every time it amazes me how big he is! I want him so bad. By this time we are really horny and I beg him to fuck me as hard as he can against the tree. Which he really does. First against the tree, then on the grass below doggy style, and finally we both get an orgasm while I ride him.

Our sounds of pleasure is mixed together with the sounds of the breeze through the tree branches.

Afterwards we walk hand by hand to his car, my legs still shivering from the powerful orgasm, we kiss goodbye and I know next time we meet I will get another fantasy fulfilled.