The night I became queer

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I am gonna tell you how my first lesbian love affair started...
I was left by my boyfriend, and to cheer me up, a friend arranged a blind date. I was to meet this person in a little bistro, all I knew was a name, Alex. When I entered the bistro, I didn't see a man of the right age, only a tall, good looking redhead, in a beautiful evening dress. She rose from her seat, kissed me lightly on the cheek, and said her name was Alyx, and that she was the date for tonight. Soon, we were chatting, and drinking white wine. After dinner, she asked me over to her apartment, and when we arrived there, she started kissing me, said that I just had to let go any gender questions... I liked her kisses, and became quite aroused by the idea to have sex with another woman. Soon I was very wet, and let her fingers explore my tight pussy. Somehow we got totally naked, and I started to play with her pussy. To my surprise, her labia was really big, about an inch long, and her clit had the size of a peanut! I pushed two fingers in, and noticed that she wanted more... Soon four fingers were stretching her, and suddenly she asked me, to push my hand in as far as possible, and to my surprise, it went all the way in easy! She asked me to push my fist in as deep as possible, and to my surprise she really liked it! It was a great sight, my arm deep in her, surrounded by her beautiful red curly pubic hair! She started licking my pussy, an soon I felt her teasing tongue tickling my little butt. It tightened at first, but soon it relaxed, and I could feel her finger gently sliding in. She continued licking my pussy, and soon I orgasmed, with her finger still in me... I played with her clit, while pushing my arm in and out, and soon she reached an very fierce orgasm, and wetted my arm, and the sheets with her juices... Now, we are lovers!