Next track up

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kinky Tess

while I am dancing through the living room of one of my best friends, he is mixing a trance/techno set one thursday evening.... I can't stop moving to whatever he brings on, watching him listening to the next track up on his headphones. his eyes on me, we smile at each other. we're friends, each of us attracted by the other but refusing to cross any line.

I move over to see the details on the deck, touching him. the nodding of his head to the tracks turns me on. he just mixed the next track in.... stands up, takes my head around my neck and kisses me with no room left for any doubts. tumbling over to the couch, undressing my skirt, I feel his hands grabbing my breast under my oversize shirt.

the track is coming to an end, he puts on the next track, I continue massaging me while I watch closely until he returns. he pulls out his cock, intense eye connection between us. the first moment of feeling his full length in me hits different. we continue fucking along the set, pausing every 2-3 minutes to mix next tracks in, using the time to change positions, speed and location on the couch and table....