Neighbors Secret Affair

A Sexual Fantasy

— By bigdog

This is a passionate story of two neighbors who secretively love each other. No one knows about them except them. The things is that they are both still loving with their parents and they have to do everything very carefully and secretively. When they see each other in public they act as they do not know each other but only god knows that the fire of passion and love is breaking out. One day both of their parents were gone for a while, remember they do not have each others phone number and the neighbors are very nosy and close to their parents. The guy decided to chill in the backyard hoping that she will come to her balcony and they would have some fun time together, remember they haven't touched each other yet. The girl comes out as he expected and he waves at her, she told him to come over, he pretended that he didn't knew that she is alone and denied she that no one is home. He jumps out of the chair and went straight to her house. They touched lips for the first time, he took everything slow, he played with her pussy until she was dripping wet and then he started making love to her, taking break in between to eat her out. Passionate sex ended soon and their love for each other reached a new height. He made her a sandwich which they shared. He caresses her, laying naked telling how much he loved her and the beautiful smile she wears. He leaves to his house after some time their parents came home and now they both pretend to be strangers in public again