I Need a Hero!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By dramanut

I'm dozing in bed late at night. It's been a long day at work saving the lives of children and I'm physically and emotionally exhausted. The door to my apartment opens and I hear foot steps down the hall to my bedroom. In walks my "superhero", bruised and battered from fighting off thugs and saving the city. He's got grime and blood on his face and arms. When he sees me, I can see him take a deep breath and relax. I pull him into the bathroom to clean him up, washing off the dirt and grime, kissing each bruise and cut. What starts as a warm bath for him soon turns into more and sexier. We start in the bath but shake our way to the bedroom to finish what we started. It's gentle and sensual, not moving too rough as we're both too tired to do something crazy. Through our passion, were trying to heal the hurt and pain and melt together. He tells me over and over that he will always protect me and he'd fight a whole army just to keep me safe. I tell him he's my hero and I'll be his safe harbor always.. When we're done, he falls asleep on my chest as I wrap my fingers in his hair, lulling him to sleep.