Namaste, let me teach you.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By photographer

Hard work and city life had left its marks on me. Also my life had become predictable. I felt the urge for meaning and a deeper understanding of life. Yoga was the first thing on my list so I started practicing. It was in Yoga Class where I met my soulmate, the teacher. When she walked in everything about her was full of love. Her looks, the way she dressed and her calm voice. It all brightened my soul and I fell in love with her instantly. She made me feel born again. The experience of her teachings was overwhelming. Was this the beginning of a spiritual journey?

After our first encounter we also met regularly outside class, at her home. Her place was absolute serenity. A temple for the lost and found. A treasure for restless souls. The scent of rose filled the atmosphere. We made love the first time as sheer joy and pleasure filled every vain in my body. This was something different I’d never experienced before.

It’s been a while since my first attempts on the mat. My life is so much brighter now. I’m still her student and she keeps teaching me in every way.