Naked Yoga

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lola

As a yoga teacher I connect physically and spiritually with my students, and as a wise, sensitive person I do not let myself go there.... Sometimes there are some men in yoga classes, and there is this one who is my age, 25. He is open-minded to yoga even as an athlete. He is muscly and definitely has to work on flexibility. When I assist him in opening his shoulders I can feel the muscles not letting go, tensed, strong. He takes pranayama (breathe) seriously and he breathes loud sometimes. I professionally demonstrate the poses with my tight yoga wear (ugh cliché), my thoughts completely neutral, focused on the yoga. But what if ? What if he let himself have these thoughts as well. Especially during the relaxation when I give a little head massage and look at his lips. What if a yoga session transformed into a physical and spiritual sexual practice?