Naked cleaning with Tom tom Hiddleston

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kinkyhannah

I'm a burlesque performer, and as creative and fulfilling this art form is, it doesn't pay the bills. I supplement my income as a phone sex operator, a dominatrix and a naked cleaner! I'm not at all submissive, and I am a feminist, so some may feel that is in conflict with being paid to strip and clean for a man, but I find it thrilling, as I am a terrible exhibitionist! I love to feel the clients eyes on me as I bend to dust behind the DVD player, or tell him that the best way for me to clean the bath is to get in it! I read erotic fan fiction to fuel my phone sex work. I found loads about the actor Tom tom Hiddleston, which made me really attracted to him, and I have a fantasy that I would adore to see bought to life...

He has a wild party, and wakes up hung over and alone. He can't believe his friends haven't stayed to help him clean up, but they leave a note saying they have booked a maid. I turn up, and rather than just getting on with it as he would expect hired help to do, I am super friendly, hug and kiss him, which takes him off guard, especially as I am in a figure hugging black wiggle dress, all hourglass curves and red hair and lipstick. He thinks it odd that I have an old fashioned feather duster, I can't believe the house is so messy, I mean I'm not usually expected to actually clean, but he is so fit, I will make an exception. "You're going to have to help me sir." He is taken aback by my audacity, but he is a gentleman, so he does as he is told, and he cannot believe his eyes as he gets a glimpse of my stockings and suspenders. The room is tidy, and I tell him to sit down whilst I hoover, slowly and deliberately stroking the length of the Henry and giving him an eyeful of cleavage. I peel off my dress, and stand before him in my lingerie. He is transfixed as I give him the most teasing of strips, telling him he is so lucky his friends paid for a naked cleaner, and I am so lucky that I get to put on a show for him!

Please shoot this with a long cunnilingus scene, showing the time & technique that makes a women come! x