A mystical hike

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lizzy

It takes place in a meadow, near woods, but not in the woods.

I've been hiking by myself on a really nice early summer day, and stop at a clearing full of sunlight to enjoy the grasses and flowers of the meadow. A little further ahead, I see someone else, who appears to be also enjoying the light summer air.

Now, I don't know how we come together--it varies, as fantasies do--but we are enjoying each other's company while saying very little.

And this is where my love for mythology comes in. He embodies the faery/god of nature, sunlight, tranquility...and feeling good. ;) He's a woodland-elf-type. Not actually, but that is the sense you get. What he does is not important to me, it's just the feeling that comes from him: of tranquility, the same kind you get when taking time to watch a sunset. He's very giving, and focused on making me feel good, not just for me, but because it gives him pleasure as well. Not focused on me in a this-is-a-massage-porn-video-with-meditation-music way, but in a happy, calm yet exciting way. Central to this feeling is the fact that we are in a meadow in summer with a blue sky and a light, caressing breeze.

It's the feeling that makes my fantasy.