My Twitter Story

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Saggie

I talked to her in twitter.. yes we used to have verbal spat over the texts in twitter. One day I DM'd her.. got to know about her ...she got to know about me... I took the initiative of fantasies in text world, sexting, she agreed to reciprocate.. I shoved my tongue in her mouth, locked her lips with mine, she breathes a slow moan.. I gripped her butt and pulled her closer to me, ripping out her bra I squeezed my head in between her boobs, Sucking her motherhood, my hand started to rub her butt cheeks, gentle spank on those, I started to rub my manhood on her clit... A stroke into her hole, the dick slides in half of its length ... Choked her against the wall, the next stroke moves the entire length into her ... Gently increasing pace, I started to fuck her clit while she started to scream my name.. the motion continues till I surrender on her belly...