My Summer Fling

A Sexual Fantasy

— By beretgreen100

I'm a 22 y/o med student and I meet this 19 y/o model at the gym. We start talking and after a few days things get intense. We text about making out the next time we meet after the gym. I'm drenched in sweat and so is she as she walks out and comes to the elevator. We get in and its empty. We both drop our gym bags. I put one arm on her waist and the other behind her neck and pull her into a kiss. I feel her wet lips along with the taste of her sweat on her upper lip. When we get out both of us feel like we did not get enough of each other.

So we get into my car and drive to a deserted parking lot. I park my car there, switch everything off and immediately she jumps to my side of the face brushing her 36B s. She holds my head and pulls me into a wet kiss. We use or tongues as my dick grows to its full size. I put my right hand underneath her t shirt and grab her left tit. She's still wet from the workout. I pull up her t shirt over her boobs revealing her bra. I cup them with both my hands kissing and licking her cleavage. Meanwhile she feels my hard-on with the palm of her hand . I pull down her bra revealing her big nipples. I grab her boobs and suck on them and tongue them. I pull her T shirt down and fondle her boobs while squeezing her nipples. She loves it, She puts her hand inside my pant and holds my dick and strokes it while sitting on top of me. I move her to the passenger seat and shift there between her legs after pushing the seat back. She still has her hand inside my pants. now she pulls my pant and my underwear down exposing my dick and my balls. She spits on her hand and rubs it on my dick. I am HARD AS A ROCK. I kiss her and slowly put my hand inside her tight gym pants. I feel her lingerie soaking wet. I massage her vagina over her lingerie. She moans all the while. I kiss her while she moans in my mouth. Its the most sexiest feeling ever. I pull her pants down to her knees. Then I get between her legs resting her calves on my shoulder. I lick her over her lingerie. then i slowly move it aside exposing her vagina and i put my middle finger inside her. it slides in with ease and she lets out a loud erotic moan. i go in and out with my finger and tongue her clit. She makes my car seat soaking wet with her secretions. I keep doing this for another minute all the while she moans and keeps asking me to fuck her and until she tells me to stop as she is about to faint.

She then rolls me on to the seat and gets between my legs. Pulls my pant down grabs my dick with one hand and wraps her wet lips around my head. I can feel the warm insides of her mouth and her tongue doing circles around the head of my dick. She gives me the perfect blowjob and stops just as i tell her im about to come. She then gets on top of me while im still wet with her saliva and she guides my dick beautifully inside her warm pussy. Then we rock the car in different positions for the next 15 mins. It was the greatest fuck of my life.