My sexual nature

A Sexual Fantasy

— By VeronikaRuss

In my personal search for the meaning of my life, I’ve come to see the world in a particular way… I like to think that the universe is in tune with every single person, and that we are all notes on the piece played by it. Everything is connected and has a meaning. Nothing happens just because… And usually, the universe gives us what we really desire…

Since I awoke this idea, I’ve come to enjoy sex in a superior level.
I love sex. More than anything in the world. And I’ve realised that, if I’m enough receptive, I can get sexual satisfaction in a new way. Not only with people, or by myself… I have learnt to have sex with the universe.

I’ve learnt to enjoy every interaction with the world. Every breeze that touches my skin is accelerating, like a sensual caress; and every sun ray that warms up my body makes me feel hot. The fresh sensation of the water drops falling on me as it rains, tapping my neck and my breasts… Feels like the perfect foreplay.

I enjoy walking alone in nature. Sometimes I dream about taking my clothes off and lying down in the wild… feeling all the elements in touch with my skin, making me moan… Nature gets me in real touch with myself. It makes me 100% aware of who am I, of my basic instincts... Of what I am made of…

I am made of sex.