My new Home

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Odette

I (a young woman) am moving into my new house. It is a warm day. I brought some boxes and put them away on the second floor. It feels good to be in my new house. In my old house it was dark and cold, and I never had privacy, I shared all spaces. But now I have a complete house for my own!

I start painting the bedroom walls. Because it's warm, I take off my shirt. Now I'm just wearing shorts and a bra, it feels liberating. Xavier Rudd's newest songs are playing. I start dancing while still painting.I feel sexy and happy. My movements are slow and mindful, I am totally aligned with myself. I get aroused, having all this space for myself, where I can do anything without being disturbed. I start playing with the paint on my body. Then I touch myself, very loving and subtle. I slight my hands over my head, let them stroke my face and my neck. The music is still playing and my hips move to slow rythm. I let myself go and have an amazing masturbation session. Welcome home!