My Love, You Can Be Anyone You Want To Be

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Belle

I identify as a woman, I was assigned this gender at birth. It feels right to me, I like it. I am in love with a man, my soon to be husband. Inside him is a delicate and feminine beauty, he knows it, I see it but it is locked away for fear of rejection and ridicule.

In our bed, wrapped around each other my partner can be whoever they want to be. I see her and she is beautiful. I shower her with love and affection, I worship her radiance and cradle her fears. In our long term relationship we have built a trust and intimacy which grows and grows. I caress her nipples, suck them gently and look deep into her eyes telling her she is beautiful. When I reach below she askes me "touch me like a girl." We position her body to make a space where I can push my fingers in, like a vulva, she makes sweet little moans and I love it. I rub the space below, we call it her clit and it drives her wild. The freedom of experiencing sex as the person she is inside lights her up and makes my attraction to her grow. I adore her. In the days that follow I look across the dinner table at my soon-to-be husband and there in his eyes I see her. My love, you can be anyone you want to be.