My husband's best friend is visiting us

A Sexual Fantasy

— By JilliVanilli

My husband's best friend is visiting us for a few days because he has a conflict with his girlfriend. Robin and my husband David have known each other since childhood. My husband has to go to work one evening because he will be working at night that day. My husband is on his way and leaves the house. Now I'm home alone with his best buddy Robin. Robin looks very attractive and I have often imagined myself having sex with him when I meet him in a hotel. To be honest, I've had the fantasy of a secret affair with him for a while. Now I'm actually alone with him and I know that it will be all night. I'm sitting in the living room with Robin and we're watching TV. I get really excited about him and notice that my panties are slowly getting wet. I tell Robin to take a shower. Before doing this, I look for the hottest lingerie I have. I still doubt whether I should really do it? If not now then when? I'll take a shower to be fresh if it really happens tonight. While showering, I notice that robin is secretly watching me. I see that someone has to be at the keyhole because the light is changing there. To be honest, I was hoping it would come to that. Now I'm playing with him. As if I didn't know anything, I show my breasts, turn around so he can see my ass. I slip into my lingerie because I'm pretty sure that he's horny for me now. I go into the living room where he's jerking off and move over to him. His penis is just as big as I always thought. He gets up and starts to touch me, we kiss passionately, I take his hand and lead him into the bedroom. I massage his cock, kiss him and start riding him. I whisper that I've wanted this for a long time. He says: "Me too" and fucks me doggystyle until I come and cums on my ass at the end.