My Cloud

A Sexual Fantasy

— By macaia

Goodnight, goodnight. Goodnight my love, my muse, my odyssey, my cloud. Yes, you are my cloud - when you are enormous and heavy and looming, full of folds, of lumps, of life. At times so huge and black, you black cloud, you carry so the rain and thunder in you. At others, white and light, to bring all joy! Then other times love, you are a thin autumn mist, gentle and slight. Envelop me, you cloud, breathe on me, wet me, fill me, surround me. My song and your doing mix in you, they mix in me, reverberating. Push me and part me, squeeze my head between your thighs, and dripping I swallow all of you, all that mist, the black cloud, the white cloud. Envelop me, my cloud, and lick me, caress me everywhere simultaneously, as only clouds can. Exhale on my stomach, then my hip. Wet me and surround me, blow me back and forth. In your dew I melt I disassemble. Press me here and pull me there, and so my mind spins, first slowly, then ever faster ever faster, spinning like a helicopter up up high above us high above this stormy mass of clouds.