A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mochi buns

An artist hires a woman to pose for him while he sculpts the human body for a piece he is trying to finish. There is a connection between them, though silent while they work, she feels his eyes on her body. His attention to her curves in his positioning of her body, makes her feel more comfortable then she thought she would be. She senses his eyes taking in and admiring her skin as he begins to memorize her. She steals glances at him and the clay form as he reaches for tools or more clay, or when he is deep in concentration with the clay body. She sees his hands on the clay body and starts to imagine his hands on her's. He comes over to her to take a closer look at her body's per portions. With his gaze so close she blushes, he looks up at her from his kneeling position, she nervously giggles and he smiles back. Their silence has been broken for the first time in what seems like hours. He moves back to her clay form and resumes sculpting, smoothing out the skin now, he catches her staring and now he finds himself blushing a bit. They take a break and chit chat a bit about his current work and he shows her some others he's completed. She admires one in particular and starts to reach to touch it, but stops herself. He notices and approaches. She says it is a very sensual piece, he replies that part of what he wants is the viewer to experience the feel of the art and he places her hand on the piece and guides it across the surface and along the curves. He slowly embraces her as he does this and she turns to kiss him. His hands finally touching her body but through the robe she put on during their break. Even though it is a thin material she anticipates and longs for his hands on her skin.
In the middle of his studio they make love. His hands caressing every inch of her body, every curve, in the moment but also memorizing it for for later.
She awakes after their love making to find him naked and sitting in a chair with a large board in his lap, furiously sketching away. She's done what she wanted, become his muse.