Muscle Training

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Daniel Ryan

For a long while now I have had this fantasy that was just that, a fantasy...until just recently that is.

At 23 years old I like to keep a healthy lifestyle. Running and gymming is part of my ethos. On many of my early morning runs around the block I would often cross paths with a perfectly fit and rather buxom goddess. Her toned and goddess-like body clearly on show and for full admiration through her slim fitting active wear.
On one lucky morning, while out for my usual run we both got talking when she tripped not far from where I was. Being a decent person I offered her help getting up. It just so happened she lived only two streets away from my place. I also learnt she had just become a personal trainer and was looking for new and willing clients, and it just so happened I was to become one of them. To show her appreciation, Amber, which she introduced herself as, offered a private PT lesson at my home the following day. I took the offer without much thought! The following morning would become a truly unforgettable one.
The next morning I awoke and showered as per usual as I heard the door bell ring...shit it must be Amber, but she was very early. Wrapping a towel around my torso I answered the door and too my delight it was her. Her beautiful eyes and luscious lips greeted me on opening the door followed by her sculptured body of pure ecstasy!
Looking up and down on me, Amber apologised for being so early but at the last minute had to reschedule me in earlier due to other clients. I of course was not fussed I was accustomed to early starts.

“So are you ready for your workout” she purred as I closed the door behind her.
“I’m not going to lie, I’m going to work your muscles very hard, but from what I've seen of your fitness, you should be able to take it!”

I was soon to find out she was referring to one muscle in particular. Half in shock and before I could fully comprehend what was happening, Amber got to her knees and pulled away the towel to expose me in the raw!
She didn’t waste any time taking the full length of my member while grasping me behind with her free hands.
Before I knew what was happening I had her up against the wall grasping and caressing her firm body and freeing her beautifully round and natural breasts from her exercise top. We were soon lost in animalistic passion.
Bent over the kitchen counter, Amber lowered her skin tight leggings and instructed, as a good instructor does, to take her. In every position possible to us we worked up sweat in extreme cardio. We ended up in the bedroom and after finishing, we washed away the sweat and love in a hot and steamy shower.

Needless to say, Amber is still currently my personal trainer with private sessions each Monday morning.