A Most Private Fashion Show

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Curiosa Jones

A friend invites me to act as a judge in a private fashion show she is having with friends. I arrive and am directed to a seat in the middle of the room. I'm surprised and happy to discover I'm the only man.

The show begins with a modern collection of business attire, shifts into casualware, followed by swimsuits and finally haute couture evening dresses. One beautiful woman after another dazzling my male brain.

The show ends when the women undress each other before me removing complex dresses to reveal fine lingerie.

Thinking I'm already in heaven a woman grabs me by the collar and leads me to a sofa where she sits down and parts her legs. She asks, "Do you take bribes Mr Judge?" and pulls my head down to worship her. The ritual continues with me going down on each woman. They're all growing wild with confidence and bold in their demands.

I'm led to a chair where I'm once again asked, "Do you take bribes?" But this time I'm ridden into oblivion and quietly told that "if you want to invited back for another show you better not lose control."

Female orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm with poor old me trying to maintain my cool.

As a confident man, I love it when women use me as their toy.