Morning Stranger

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rhea

My husband likes to go for a walk early in the morning, just at sunrise. I’m also a morning person, but sometimes I like to stay a bit longer in bed. Sometimes, I wake up as he leaves the house, only to fall back to sleep and forget that he’s out. When he returns and slips back into bed, bringing with him the cold, fresh air of early mornings, I can feel this new side of him, this stranger that I won’t be able to fully know. Behind his gentle touches, I can feel the strong yearning and determination. As the slow tide of the deep sea comes to meet the awaiting shores. When his cold skin touches me, I feel a deep urge to be taken by him who comes back renewed. I just love how he soaks in the fragrance of my body and how I remain there covered only by goosebumps and wanting.