Morning Meditation

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Vanilla Ginger

My husband (30 years my senior) and I are newly married, and living together. We wake up together early in the morning, and after some snuggles and little kisses, I sit up and start my ritual of morning meditation.

My husband disappears into the toilet to pee, like he does most mornings after waking up. When he comes back out, he sees me sitting in the bed, leaning back comfortably, legs open, meditating. We are both naked because, well, we like to feel each other's skin as we go to sleep, even when we aren't having sex.

So, I'm sitting on the bed, meditating, my eyes closed, and I hear him walk back to the bed. He climbs onto it, and I feel him moving around a little, but I am focused on the sound, and the rhythm, of my meditation.

Then I feel the bed move between my legs, and I feel his breath on my pussy. And then I feel his tongue slowly slide up, and around my clit. Oh god. I keep trying to meditate, but he doesn't stop, and I just know that I'm wet. He puts and finger inside me, and I gasp, my meditation faltering.

He puts a second finger inside me, and curls his fingers in that way that he does, stroking the inside of my pussy, and I just can't do it anymore. I moan, and I lay back, opening my legs more, letting him reach me better.

His mouth and his fingers work together. I'm so wet.

Then he stops. I watch as he sits up, and moves up between my legs. His cock is so thick and full and hard. He pushes a pillow under my hips, and then pulls me toward him. I watch, and I feel the tip of his cock, warm, on me. He moves into me, pulling back and fucking me a little deeper each time, until his cock is soaked in my wetness, and he is filling me.

He starts fucking me slowly, and I watch his eyes and the way his mouth quivers just a little as he feels my pussy walls against him with each thrust.

He fucks me like that for a few minutes, slowly, measured, with control. Then he reaches under a fold of blankets next to us and pulls out one of my toys. The kind that vibrates. Wordlessly, he hands it to me. I turn it on, and put it against me. He moans as he feels my whole pussy vibrating a little around his cock, and he starts fucking me harder, and faster.

Vigorously. Fuck. I'm on the edge. I'm moaning. I'm watching his face. He's trembling and he's close. He grunts that deep, almost aggressive grunt as his fucking gets deeper, and harder, and slower, and I feel his body tense. And then he's coming.

He pushes himself deep into me, and lets out a ragged moan, and it pushes me over the edge. My pussy clamps down on him, squeezing and pulsing, as I feel him pulse again, and again, and again inside me.

As we slow down, he's still mostly hard, and he slowly fucks me for another half a minute, while holding me, as we both come down together, and then he slips out. He rolls around beside me, and we snuggle for a few minutes before I look at my watch. "Oh damn. It's 20 after, Babe. I have to get dressed and go to class!"

Twenty minutes later, he gives me a goodbye kiss, and I'm out the door, still with that freshly fucked, post orgasmic bliss feeling, and I know that he'll take care of cleaning up the sheets before I am home. It's a fantastic way to start my morning and my day.