More Than Your Friendly Neighbor

A Sexual Fantasy

— By jajavi

We both were naked, making love slowly, taking time from one position to the next one, enjoying every moment.

She is beautiful. Dark hair, young, happy, sexy,

Now she is using her mouth. Giving me so much pleasure. She knows how to use her tongue. She kisses my penis, she sucks it with passion.

Now is my turn. I go down to her pussy. I lick it, kiss it, bite it. She is going to reach the climax... but not yet

I'm over and into her body. She is smiling. and the smile is mixed with pleasure and also a naughty expression in her face.

After some more minutes she screams loudly while she is cumming, and a few moments later I also cum over her back... and I wake up!

This has been a dream, only a very wet dream.

Shower, breakfast and time to go to university.

Open the door, push the elevator button and wait.

Few seconds later the elevator is here, I open the door and there she is! It's the girl from the dream. Seems that she is my new neighbor.

- Hi!

- Hi!

I can't talk. I'm remembering again my dream and I can't say anything during the 30 seconds that we stay there.

I turn to right, she turns to left: Bye! Bye!

What I didn't know at this moment, is that she also had the same dream!

She confessed this to me 2 months later after a night this dream became true.