Modern apes

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Xtech

I have this friend that I have a big crush on, and she knows it. We agreed to stay friends, but she knows I still like her. She was very horny and lonely one day, so she called me over and asked me if I wanted to watch her masturbate with a banana. Of course, I said yes. I'd never seen her naked, much less masturbating. She undressed and put a condom on her banana, and started to rub her vagina with it. It wasn't long before she inserted the banana and began to fuck it. She would switch to different positions to fuck this thing. I couldn't believe I was able to witness it. She would look at me at times as she did this. Then she came. She moaned loud and quivered hard. She pulled the banana out and took the condom off. She then handed it to me and said: "here... This is closure." So I took the banana and ate it.