I Miss You Son of A Gun

A Sexual Fantasy

— By msmsmii

I've been through rough times with my boyfriend lately. Our main problem is that he lives abroad. But when we see each other... magic happens. I suddenly forget about all bad things that happen. All the stress is gone. He is the first and probably the last man who cares about me in bed that much. He focuses on me in 100% and I love it.

I remember one time especially well. We went skiing to Italy. We came back late after having long romantic dinner in one of these lovely reastaurants with homemade pizza.

We came back to the room and this crazy idea came to my mind... As a huge Aerosmith fan I promised myself that one time I'll try the famous "Love in an elevator". So we left our room and went to the elevator. We pressed every button possible and started making out. We loved each other so hard that night...I loved the way he pulled up my chekered shirt and touched my waist. Suddenly, the lift stopped on one of the floors and a hotel worker came in to OUR elevator! He didn't say a word, we blushed and left the elevator as fast as possible. It was around 1 or 2 A.M. We found an abandoned floor and started making out again. He pulled me up against the wall and kissed me.

He came inside me. When we were done after this wonderful, quick lovemaking, the same guy that interrupted us in the elevator came in AGAIN and AGAIN he didn't say a word! We were laughing out loudly. And we love to remember that. Every time one of us mentions anything about these crazy times, we suddenly feel like making love to each other... Maybe someone could tell us why?