A Sexual Fantasy

— By MiraTheBunny

We're in a room full of mirrors. Our image multiplies and follows us in every corner. You take me in front of the biggest one, telling me you have only one order for the night: whatever we do, I am not allowed to close my eyes. You start undressing me slowly, enjoying every tremor, kissing and biting my neck. You tie me up in a red harness and whisper in my ear: "now show me what a good slut you are". You take my hand and put it on my vulva, ordering me to masturbate. Your hands come over mine, as you start fingering me. You edge me, you do not let me come, you make me kneel and and tell me to blow you. I am only allowed to come after you do, so I oblige eagerly, I wrap my lips and tongue around your cock. I love how you make me wait, how you can be so hard, yet have the patience to tease me so much, how you taste, how smooth it feels, it's like my mouth has been craving this precise shape for so long. Look at you. Look at us. Energy mirrored to infinity.