mirror, clouds, sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By river

I want to have sex with the person I like in a place surrounded by glass, and then there is some cotton like clouds, and we can see each other and the clouds in the mirror.Just to give a description from a male perspective, the first thing is definitely to start with kissing, I look into her eyes and kiss her, and her eyes reflect my eyes inside, as if you have me in me, and I have you in me. There must be enough foreplay, I don't rush into her body to get pleasure. I love her, everything about her, her beauty, and her imperfections, so I want to embrace her with love, touch her, kiss her forehead, her ears, nibble on her earlobes, speak softly in her ear, tell her how much I love her. Bury my face in her neck and hair, let my nostrils spray on her neck and hear her resist the urge to scream and run away. Then gently kiss and suck on her neck.Then gently kiss and suck on her neck and plant a cute little strawberry for her if she wants. Slowly kissing up to her chest, feeling her warmth and softness. Kissing all over her body, when I touch a sensitive spot, I'll purposely kiss a little harder and listen to her nervous gasp. When she couldn't help but press my head, I would feel satisfied, happy for making the one I loved comfortable. When she was ready, I would enter her slowly, carefully feeling the warmth and wetness inside her, and I would feel happy that I was accepted by her. Not wanting to use any fancy positions, just wanting to be able to look at her, hold her tightly, touch her, kiss her, tell her how charming she looks with a flushed face, and then a little bit slowly push harder, slowly faster, and if I'm very skillful, find a good time to climax with her. Then I don't pull out in a hurry, I stay inside her for a while longer, because I like her warmth very much. In this position, I hold her in my arms, caress her hair, say I love you, tell her that I am also very comfortable, and that it is good to have you.