Milk, Honey and Oysters

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Stefan Mudrack

Me, male and 44 years old now,
still love it naturally, romantic and
secret. So it's no wonder at all that I
can imagine any century I want to get
into... It's just like reality and a dream at the same time.
I know a gorgeous woman; married, 56 years old
a curvy blonde polish woman named Anna.
I want to smell her LUST, feel her soft hair between her legs, I just need a taste of her MILK and HONEY dripping from her oyster.
I really do know, that she likes me, too.
And if only she could, she would give me everything that she's desiring to do herself.
So, we are all alone now, every other guest of the coffee bar, where she's working, is gone...
We don't need words, just looks ... Yeah come on! She's wearing her satin pants and I can see her sweet hairy and already wet oyster. Licking her dripping slit...69...doggy... let's explore.