Midsummer awakening

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Slippery

Sinuous, serpent, coiled from the roots, unbridled power through one eye heightens. Energy pulses as the snake awakens, Writhing along branches to the sun it salutes. Close worldly eyes to open your portal, Through connected practice become immortal. Checking in with the root, navel, stomache, heart, throat and mind. Visualise the act to shamanic connection, preparing the alter for deeper soul inspection. Quiver and quake for you know what awaits, rays of light from the first profound penetration. Sun standing to attention this holy day, Nature's heliocentrics want you to play. Uplifting and erect the cosmic effect, Bodies and planets entwine and align, The serpent draws its length curving round, Connecting back to the spirits of the ground. No strangers to the primordial embrace, Archaic inspiration full of heavenly grace. The flicking tongue like the licking flame, Midsummers night soon welcome the coming day, Perspiration glistens like a holy veil, The dew that anoints the kundalini tale. Chants and moans of tantra’s chorus, The agony and ecstasy that wait before us. Leaves of radiant lotus come into bloom, As the serpent leaves its seed in your womb.