Mess Life

A Sexual Fantasy

— By alley_chatte

European Messenger Championships. They happen every year, in a different cities. Bike messengers from all across Europe meet over competitions called "Alley Cats", a sort of Treasure Hunt across the city: you have to go to point A to get an item, bring it to point B as fast as possible, then you get points based on your time. It gets more and more difficult (bigger, bulkier or fragile items, obstacles on the course, hidden streets and one way roads...). Bike messengers are usually punks: pierced and tattooed up, genderless, they wear nailpolish and antifa stickers on their bikes. They are quite muscular and wear tight fitting short shorts, which leave them with a typical tanline just above the knee. This year, the organisers decided to select a few of the fastest riders for an ultimate competition: the kinky alley cat. Instead of picking up goods to deliver each checkpoint will consist of a different sexual adventure. First there are the fountains. In the city of Basel, Switzerland, fountains are like public pools - people bathe in them, bring their swimsuit and drinks and hang out in the middle of the town in summer. At dawn the riders each get a map of the fountains they will have to bathe in to complete the course. They meet their peers in the water, the darkness hides them from the public eye, and little by little the erotic tension builds up. They take off their clothes and ride around the city half naked, like they own the streets. From fountain to fountain their interactions get more and more lusty, and they lose sight of the competition. Another test is the bike shop, they each get a bike they have to repair the fastest. Only some discover that the tools they use have a strange hypnotic / erotic capacity. Soon they start using them for their own pleasure rather than the task they were assigned... Finally the last challenge, kept secret is the "bull". A mechanic bike which was built like a rodeo bull, but with a vibrating saddle which stimulates the perineum, and brings their riders to orgasm. The goal is to stay on it as long as possible. Meanwhile other bikers pedal (to stay "warm" - hot & sweaty) on stationary bikes which power an erotic film projection (of course, an erika lust movie -- like the bike club, for example :) on the walls of the room.

And the winner gets a special prize...