Merry-go-round underground

A Sexual Fantasy

— By WednesdayWilde

This is my story, not a mere fantasy. Me, a 20-something in a solid job, calm relationship - a very good girl becoming a good woman. He - a 40-something freelancer, free bird, not shying away both from yoga and drugs, his ravenous gaze always trying to see what is beneath my socially acceptable persona.. It is not important how we became friends.

One night, as for a challenge, we both agreed to it and under his guidance, I entered his dear underground culture. We raved all night long in some dirty underground spots and I happened to passionately kiss a girl for quite a long while, only to end it giggling in surprise and satisfaction and to undo the buttons of my blouse, to mess up my office attire in a wild dance. I felt my voluptuousness erupting from the subconscious, held in shackles of decency for too long, my dance moves untamed, insane, tempting - something one wouldn't expect from a good girl. I deliberately tempted my companion of the night with the heat of my young blood unfurling. And he noticed that.

I remember the bright neon lights, overwhelming beats, his hands sliding down my sweaty body. And I whispered: "Am I bad enough for you now?" He didn't say much apart from his dirty grin, but we ended up in his flat with a long, tender massage, interrupted with kisses and love bites everywhere. This is clueless, endless. Nothing much but his exploring fingers within me, my hands greedily groping his oily skin. Me drowning in his scent and him - in the fluids of my desire. Little talk, for our sighs and looks and touching tell everything. And then he eats me, drinks me, as if overwhelmed by thirst for life. Drinking me out dry, leaving me trembling and blissful. Devouring and scratching my skin, while my legs imprison his muscular torso. And who would have known that it feels so great when you get bitten in the butt.

If this is the underground.. let me stay here forever and fuck for days and nights in a row, interrupted by some raving only.