Men in lederhosen

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Last week I visited Austria for a concert trip with the orchestra I play in. On our free hours we were roaming the streets of Linz, where we were staying. Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I saw them: two beautiful young men in lederhosen! They were absolutely magnificent! The hosen a bit too short, a bit to tight, old, obviously worn a lot! I immediately got wet seeing all this, so I started flirting with them in my best German. I noticed they liked me too, this cute-looking red-head from Holland! Since I got only an hour or two before our next gig, I had to decide fast, faster than I would normally do... So I let them lead me away, to a secluded spot, but still outside. There we kissed and fondled for a while, until I noticed they were both rock-hard, their cocks bulging against the leather-laced flies of their lederhosen! So, when they helped me out of my summer dress, I got on my knees and started un-lacing their hosen. And there they were! Two well-shaped cocks emerged out of their leather restraints. The two weren't wearing underwear! I caressed, stroked, sucked, gobbled and licked their pride and joy until they lifted me up, and placed my naked body between them.Their wetted Austrian cocks slid in me with ease, and soon the two men were fucking me in both crevasses rough and hard for about five minutes. Then, we all three came almost simultaneously. They just stood there, with me hanging between them, panting for air, sweating, satisfied but exhausted. Soon their cocks slid out, and I felt a stream of semen leak out of both my holes, down my leg. Hastily they helped me get dressed again. I was back just in time for our next concert. I didn't play well that afternoon, still shaky from my post-orgasmic high! I just LOVE men in lederhosen!