Masturbation Mates

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Notreallyme

A female friend of mine came for advice. Her boyfriend was going to study abroad for a year, and while he was away she raised the question how am I gonna get sexual satisfaction when he’s not around? My obvious answer was: Why don´t you just masturbate? I was surely surprised when she told me she never tried it and was unsure how to get started. She asked how I handled it, and even though the practical methods is not the same for a woman I somehow inspired her by telling about how I fantasised or used porn to get turned on. Afterwards she asked me to help her get going by sharing fantasies with her and masturbate in the same room as her. Even though I helped her to get her first masturbation orgasm by touching her nipples we never had sex with each other, but just enjoyed the company and watching each other as masturbation mates.