Mask Off

A Sexual Fantasy

— By the moving babe

I’m a 39 year old physiotherapist who went back to work after a long pause due to the pandemic. For that same reason, my patients and I both need to respect the new sanitary measures, meaning washing our hands and wearing masks. Ten days ago this woman came who had hurt her lower back after a too-quick return to the gym. Weirdly, I found myself mesmerized by her. I don’t know if I’m losing my mind due to the recent lack of hookups, but I find myself longing for her like I’ve never, ever done in a 16 year career. Her sensuous voice, her dark hair, her soft skin over this muscly body, her half-naked figure with her unzipped jeans, revealing the simplest cotton undies… Damn. I remain super professional, obviously. I do the work, she gets better. We crack some jokes and the sessions are actually fun (she definitely has character) and nothing more than that. But man, I get a little dizzy every time I hold her to make her spine crack and I wonder about it all afterwards. I can’t help but imagine her uncovered face. I obsess over what her lips may look like. Are they full, thin? Are they dark, or pink? Are they as good as those gigantic green eyes she looks at me with? Are they as lusty as I imagine them to be? I see myself taking off my mask to dig my nose in this cascade of smelly, heavy hair, grabbing onto her firm-looking breasts. Only to then slowly uncover her nose, her mouth, her chin, all of this that I imagine is as good as can be. And oh, I would treat it oh, so right. I'd make her laugh, and I’d love to make her moan, in every imaginable way. I doubt she’s flirting with me, and for sure she will get better before I get to see her whole face. But for the moment I’m all wrapped up in this beautiful mystery.