Mask of Rage

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LOVEanandhaLOVE

Her face was always covered in a never ending rage. She never smiled or turned of her serious look. But that look, her angry face always turned me ON. Whenever I looked at her I pondered why such a serious mind, her beauty magnified under that Mask of Rage. Then it became an obsession to see her daily. In our daily routine we used to see each other at least twice at library, bakery, restaurant or sometimes at my aunt’s beauty parlor. Her enraged look is so seductive that it almost makes me a submissive sex slave. But still the secret behind her ill temper persisted in my mind, why such a beautiful woman prefers to be like this. And I began my quest for answers. She was around 40-45 and lived across street 4 blocks away from mine. Her husband, a poor, old sick fellow whom I think had been in this condition for a very long time, and hence she must been living unquenched since, she hoped for but nobody cared, and this neglect turned her sorrows into rage, hatred and adapted to live with them. The day our first encounter happened was one of my unluckiest day. I did some part time favor for aunt, and to my luck(which wasn’t) on that day she was too there coincidence right! Well my aunt ordered to spray her hair, which I was confident. Nicely I invited her and her response wasn’t unexpected. I sprayed her desired color into that smooth, shiny, fragrant black hair of her fantasized our sweet passionate foreplay. And while enjoying that unfortunately I slipped! It made her enraged. I was in deep silence and mid fantasy while all this was happening. She shouted and insulted me, but all I know was I became mesmerized in her rage, I kneel down in front of her and begged her to give her delicious pussy for me to eat and give her a fantastic orgasm. Back to reality, after all that she left, I became gloomy. By evening after my shift in the restaurant I was returning home and suddenly I saw her and to my surprise it began to rain too. It was luck! Because I got my umbrella and she didn’t, I rushed to her who was already soaked in water and I extended my umbrella to her at first she refused, then as things turned worse she hold onto my arm. Together we crossed the street and reached her home.. But there she reacted in such an unexpected manner that made her not so her. She insisted me to come in and have some treat and me, I obeyed it like a little boy. She was wet, her age and her beauty aroused me, she just delicately touched my chest and pointed me to couch, I was confused and didn’t look at her face. She knew what I was thinking, she become furious and pounced upon me and deliberately kissed me. She was my master and I was her slave, I became her vessel to satisfy her unquenchable thirst buried under her MASK OF RAGE, Love.