A Sexual Fantasy

— By jakobli

My parents have been divorced for 4 years now. They both are happily in love with new partners. My mom has found a wealthy doctor who loves her good and and my dad met a 43 year old woman named Martina. But she isn't just a normal 43 year old woman. She is tall, looking about 30 and has the body of a goddess.

One Sunday afternoon I visited the two at their house in the countryside near the city I live in. My Dad had left because he had to do something really important at his office. So it was Martina and me, alone at their house sitting on the couch and sipping a glass of red wine.

I couldn't really keep myself together and had to tell her how happy I was my dad found such a wonderful and hot woman like her. She blushed, came over to where I sat and whispered: 'You know what? Your dad should be scared he's got such a handsome and hot son like you!' I could feel her hand stroking my leg as she said that to me and so it happened.. My dad's girlfriend and I fucked. On the kitchen table, the couch, in my dad's and her bed.
We would never tell him. But maybe we would do it again.