Making Music Together at the Faire

A Sexual Fantasy

— By notsomuchvanilla

In my fantasy, I’m a belly dancer in a cheesy Medieval Times-esque faire. It’s my job to shake, flirt, and show off my curves. It feels good to move to a heavy drum beat. I’m part of a traveling troupe, living out of tents and getting sunburnt and sweaty for drunken revelers.

I love everything about it. The bawdiness, the pure joy of being in the sun all day, the music.

I have a fantasy about meeting a stranger, maybe a drummer. His arms are like oak branches, dense and solid. The attraction is instant, but very slow burning. During the 10 week festival, we drop lots of small flirty signals to each other, both too cautious to make the first move. I can tell he likes me because his face lights up when I end up in the same area backstage. He greets me each morning with a big hug, and those massive arms get lost in my miles of skirts.

The last weekend arrives. The entire cast has gotten tired and punchy, giddy and feisty. All jokes are dirty, costumes are bare, and mead flows freely. After the last patron has left the park, the party starts. We’re all dusty and wild, dancing and stomping our feet to the music we make, laughing, drinking, and feeling sexy.

I’m lost in the drum circle, dancing blissfully by myself. He takes a break and joins me. He moves me, presses against me, forgets his nerves and kisses me. My desire takes over and I have his hand, and I’m dragging him to a quiet area away from the party. He asks me if I’m sure, and I nod once as I kiss him passionately. He pushes me against the wall, cradling my neck, and lifts my skirts until he finds the sensitive skin of my thigh. He teases me and then fucks me with a steady, insistent, powerful rhythm. Our bodies are making music - rhythm as we rock against the creaky wall, and melody as our moans become louder.

We don’t even try to stifle it. We’re just out of earshot of the party, but we probably wouldn’t be heard anyway, and we have just tonight. I’m sure our paths will cross again, but until they do, I’ll just enjoy the memory of that sexy drummer and that sultry night.