Make love to my wife differently

A Sexual Fantasy

— By seanix99

I always like to slowly bring up the desire of my wife, caressing and kissing her. But what my wife particularly likes, is when I blindfold her, and then I undress her slowly, piece by piece, turning around her and caressing her. When she is naked, I like to take her in my arms, and lay her over the bed. Then I continue my caresses, and I make love to her. She loves it and me too. But as I like to offer to new pleasure, one day I introduced this variant. While she was lying blindfolded on the bed, I pulled out one of my old boxers where I had previously made a small hole. I slipped her dildo into my boxers, and passed it through the hole of the boxers. Then I started to make love to my wife. I caressed and kissed her as usual, then I put the dildo at the entrance of her vagina. I pressed it against her and a long moan came from her. She had pleasure like never before, the dildo being bigger than me. Since that night she asks me from time to time to repeat this experience. That's a new type of orgasm that she appreciates.