Magic in the old attic

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Marques G

My girlfriend and I stayed upstate in an old bed and breakfast. We stayed in the attic room. So big in space with a tub in the middle of the room and the largest king size bed ever. It turned me on the moment I saw it. We have a small bed that creaks constantly. So when I saw this large king size bed my sex drive went 100. I gazed into her eyes and immediately started making out with her. I could feel her hands grasping my cock through my jeans. As we undress and began to engage I notice all the space we had to our will. We went into doggy style for the longest we ever had. Our bodies sprawled out over this large king size bed. She grabbed the bed post, I thrusted harder into her. She took my cock that was dripping wet with her creamy pussy juice and as I came all over her beautiful tits. We laid there together with each of us having a side of the bed to ourselves. Sweaty and full of magic.