Lust Programming

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ash

I work in a software house as a developer. There is a guy he is really sweet and smart and wear glasses. Whenever I get stuck I ask him and he helps me out. One day I got stuck in a coding problem and asked him if he knows anything about the error. He sits next to me on a chair in my cabin and starts using my work station to see whats wrong. Our hands touched accidently which tingled me from inside and turns me on a little a bit as I already likes him. He also have no idea about the issue and turns on the web browser and search for that error on the search engine. Which brings him to some shady forum. He was focused on the post and reading it but on the side of that website there are pornographic ads with big dicks and stuff. He doesnt notice at first. But I saw those immediately and it turned me on even more. After a while he saw me smiling and notice it on screen. He felt embarrassed and aplogized about the stupid website. I told him its alright that was nothing. But the atmosphere shifted and he was turned on as well. He started touching my hands intentionally and i wasnt backing off which gave him more confidence and eventually we start kissing and he started touching my body. Everyone else working around us in there cabin. So I have to control my screams of pleasure while he was going down on me. We have a quick sex on my table while people are working in their cabins around us.