Lust at First Sight in Antarctica

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lanube

It was my 1st day on a cruise ship in icy cold Antarctica, at the end of the world. He is one of the expedition staff, in his staff uniform, introducing himself with a sexy Latino accent. I couldn't help noticing him. The next day I ran into him in the narrow hallway on the ship, he is working alone. We talked, he looked at me and smiled. Being the good girl raised in Asian culture I never felt vibrations in my vagina like I felt at that moment. Soon I was lucky enough to get on his zodiac. He was cruising us around in dark blue antarctica waters filled with ice, surrounded by spectacular icebergs, I was secretly wishing there were 9 people less on the zodiac. That same night, I met him in the bar. He offered me a drink, I usually say no when a random guy wants to buy me a drink because I know exactly what it means; but that night, I said yes without even thinking. We talked about whales and stuff but I wasn't really listening because all I was thinking was what would it feel like to kiss this man. I think he read my thoughts and asked me if I want to go out for a walk, away from this crowd and be alone with you? hell yeah! We stood side by side on the upper deck, as the ship is sailing slowly, breaking the water with beautiful tail waves. It was almost 11 pm, but the sky was as bright as daytime. There were seals and penguins not far from us. He asked me if I am cold, I said yes. Let me get you a jacket, he said. He brought his warm jacket and wrapped me around with it so gently. I was immediately immersed in a sexy, seductive smell from that jacket, his smell. and then I heard him saying: but it is not free. and suddenly pulled me to him and kissed me, I was instantly engulfed by a feeling so immensely intoxicating that I blacked out for a moment, and the next thing I saw, he was naked with a hard thick erected cock, trying to rip off my clothes so eagerly and forcefully with a raw expression of pure lust. That sent my heartbeat into overdrive straight away and my pussy was so wet. His lips were so soft. His kisses so aggressive yet gentle. when his thick, rock-hard cock finally entered me, I felt waves of pleasure passing through me, The next few nights, we fucked in all kinds of positions. I loved caressing every inch of his strong and muscular body with my fingers. Our last night before disembarkation, I went to his cabin again. When the passionate lovemaking was over, we lied down on the small bed in the narrow cabin and talked for hours. He finally fell asleep, I couldn't. so I dressed myself and quietly left, it was 3 am, the ship was docked, no one was on the deck. It's quiet all around, there was beautiful sunrise with golden rays casting over a bay of water as still as a mirror. and then I saw a pod of gentoo penguins breaking the stillness with their beautiful strokes, swimming and jumping. The sheer beauty of that moment made me wanna cry. I am so grateful for everything.