Loving in 19th Century Vienna

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Julietta

I live in my small apartment in the center of Vienna. The house was built in 1869 and is one of the few ones that survived the wars. You can feel a certain kind of charm when you enter into the patio, you feel like you have been thrown through a time shift and landed in the Vienna that it was a long time ago. I live on the top floor of 3 floors. The house is arranged like a square with a patio in the middle. On the other side, one floor lower than mine, lives my neighbour, his name in Raymond. We are not friends, but we chat when we meet on the balcony. You could chat with most people that live in this house. He is an artist and has not just a flat but also a little art studio in the house. Raymond always has many, much younger girls around him. He loves them, but at the same time, somehow he can't have a serious relationship with one of them, at least that's how I feel about it. While he had a party in the house going I was able to see his flat once from close. It is furnished like in the time of 1850. Really minimalistic and simple. I get more and more interested in finding things out about him, his deeper intentions, that's why I like watching him. Not spying on him, rather spending a bit more of my awareness on him and his life. I fancy him in a very nostalgic way. I somehow have the feeling we feel similar in terms of aesthetics. I know he paints some of the women he meets. He is doing very amazing oil paintings, mainly of red haired women. My hair is not red, but I have a feeling that I could maybe still be what he wants. So I knock on his door and ask him for a beer. As always he is listening to Leonard Cohen, which is my favourite musician. But he is busy. A few weeks later, I lost hope already, I knocked again and asked. I was wearing a dress with many little flowers from a vintage store. He asked me in. I made it, that's what I was thinking. We drank some red wine, I was very nervous, what would happen? Suddenly he touched my knee, very softly. I felt a shiver all over my body. He must have felt it and said, come with me, I am going to paint you, now! We stood up and left the living room, but when we stood between door and hinge he pressed me against the door and kissed me hard and then soft. He lifted my dress, I was not wearing any underwear, and put his whole hand around my vulva. It was a warm hand and my juice made it wet, so it could slide in gently with three of his fingers at once. I moaned quietly and thought about all the neighbours that will never know what is happening between us right now. He slid in and out and I got crazy. The more I wanted it, the more he pulled out his beautiful phallus and then pushed it inside me again. I vibrated because of all the arousal and I almost could not stand anymore. The next morning, I sat on my window and looked down at him in his flat. Back to the way we were.