I love my filthy wife!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I love my wife dearly... All of her! And I love her to be filthy! To be exact, unwashed, unshaved, pure as nature, with all the smells that come with it. I cannot help it, but I become very aroused when I smell her hairy armpit, the sweat between her breasts on a hot summer day, or the sweet odor between her legs when she is hot and ready for me! And later, when I am fingering her, licking her, all those odors come together, and make me rock-hard! It exites me to know, that when we are done, I will take a shower, but she walks around the house, often naked, with my jizz still leaking out of her, while she is making coffee, or doing the dishes! I love my wife, I love ALL of her!