Love Locked

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mrcisme1984

In my fantasy, a beautiful girl and a handsome guy have met through a dating application online but have not met in person yet. Through the abilities provided by technology, they have been able to communicate all of their thoughts, hopes and fears for a relationship with someone of the opposite sex. They've texted each other, called and spoken to each other over the phone and have exchanged some pictures (i.e. selfies, some fairly racy). They've done this over a couple of weeks. They live about an hour and a half from each other and decide that they are ready to meet in person. He asks her out, sparks fly and they are so happy to have met each other. They quickly fall in love.

They arrange to meet at his house one sunny afternoon about a month later. She comes over wearing a sun dress and heels and he wears shorts and a polo shirt...they both go bare foot. As soon as she gets out of her car after parking in his driveway, he walks over and scoops her up in his arms. They lock lips in a passionate embrace...his neighbors are all outside staring in awe. He stops only to tell her that he loves her...she tells him that she loves him and that she is his. He takes her hand and leads her into the house. They continue passionately kissing each other and his hands quickly realize for the rest of him that she is not wearing panties or a bra. His cock can't comprehend this without stirring and becoming ready to do its job in life. Before long, they are both naked and still passionately kissing...his cock quickly finds her entrance and goes inside. They moan together because all of their unbridled passion is suddenly let loose. They say their I love yous over and over as he thrusts inside her until he orgasms inside of her.

After dressing, she then goes out to her car and brings a chastity cage inside. She locks him inside it, they kiss and she smiles. "No more dating for you, my love. You're mine." He kisses her and begins making dinner.