Love Among Books

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Adrianne Red

As a publishing house worker, I often go to our in-house book store, based in the cellar. Sometimes I imagine I go there, followed by an attractive colleague, to help him to find a particular book...and while searching through all the racks, he suddenly grabs my shoulders, standing behind me and then starts stroking my body intensively, exploring all its curves, while kissing my neck and his hands are every where now...under my t-shirt, in my pants, just every where. He pushes me against a stand, being totally horny, kissing me wildly and starting to get me undressed...then we notice the old wooden table, standing by the wall and while still kissing, we get there, sweep off all the stuff there to have the most wild sex this table could ever experience, going through any possible positions... After the act I leave him there, climbing up the stairs, blushing and gently smiling...