Lost in Ecstasy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By thejugglingbear

I am at a techno festival. There is a small dance floor somewhere in the forest. Colourful lights are dancing across the leaves, smoke is floating on the sandy ground and the music is slow, but powerful while only a few people dance along. Somehow I lost all my friends but I don't care because I am dancing alone in a crowd of strangers. The music is filling me up, it makes me feel drunk and I loose myself in ecstasy. It's almost like a meditation - no thinking, just doing. In one moment the blurry shades and lights clear up and something draws my attention across the dance floor. A woman is watching me. We stare into each others eyes, and loose ourselves in each other, diving deep into our souls. The night continues, we don't talk but we stay together. We are like planets - circling around and drawn to each other while being pulled by a magical force. Afterwards, we end up at a quiet place at a small lake. We take off our clothes and get into the water. As the sun is rising and the first lights of the day are reflected by the plain surface of the water we become one, entangled with one another, still moving to the beat of the music.