A Sexual Fantasy

— By milly-a

We got our popcorn and drinks and headed up to the movie cinema doors to watch 'Sorority Row' (I know, what was I thinking).

The cinema was quite empty so we chose a seat towards the back in the corner. The movie started and I could already feel his sweaty palms on my inner thigh. Sexual energy was defiantly charging through my body causing me to squirm in my seat. His hands went further up until suddenly it was too much. He grabbed my hand and we headed to the old candy bar that hadn't been used in years, there were still wrappers and lollipops laying around. He placed me on the floor and ripped off my underwear from under my dress. We then fucked, his knees going raw from the tiles.

5 years later I still see him around with his girlfriend. He still continues to give a secret ass grab with a little 'Hey gorgeous' in the ear.