A Sexual Fantasy

— By Alison

I am in love with a tall mature man. He is over 50 and I am in my forties. My biggest fantasy is to go into his home, wearing my most sexy underwear, black thong and sexy bra, stockings to my thighs in high heels. No dress - just a coat on. Take off my coat and have a seat on his lap. I want to look him in his deep blue eyes and silently touch his face. He is the most sexy man I have ever met. He is tall and blonde and is balding on the forehead. And I don't say a word to him. I just sit there on his lap in my underwear and touch his face, carefully with my fingers following the lines of his face. Then I take out my lipstick - its flaming red and put it on him. Red lipstick on his full lips, carefully and I put my thumb in his mouth… unbutton his shirt and tie his hands together with the shirt. I tease him with brief kisses and finally have deep sexy tongue kisses. His lipstick smears all over me. He is physically huge and very masculine - the contrast of making him feminine turns me on.