Lingerie to Remember

A Sexual Fantasy

— By BestGroomEver

I follow this YouTube channel, The School of Life. Learned many things, including that my partner (or me) might sometimes want to go to bed with someone else. It doesn't mean we no longer love each other, or that we're out to cheat. It's just a part of being human. So I've decided to let my fiancée have some fun occasionally, release some steam. To drive the point home, I designed a bachelorette party game.

She would call a few of her friends to a lingerie shower. Let's say six of them, making for seven women in total. Then she'd hire eight (the number of women plus one, this is important) professional sexy boys (or girls, depending on preferences) and everyone would make a beeline to a very fancy, expensive place where people go to fuck. I wouldn't be anywhere in sight, obviously.

Once they arrive, her friends give my fiancée the gifts they bought. Then, the friends choose, by any means necessary, one of the lingerie sets for my fiancée to wear, and two of the professional sexy people for her to fuck right there in front of everyone. After she was done, each of her friends would choose one of the remaining sexy people and have a bit of fun themselves.

The next day, I'd have my fiancée exclusively for me, no prying eyes, at the same place, with the same lingerie.