Let them watch

A Sexual Fantasy


We were camping in a crazy scene of people, theme camps, music, hoopers and fire spinners. In them midst of this sat a geodesic dome, large enough for only several people, covered with a loose collection of cloth and ringed with lights. We'd noticed it the previous night. Tonight she was dressed in a loose fitting black lace top with her breasts barely hidden and tight pants that showed off her long, muscular legs. I wore a leather vest and pants. One of our camp mates eyed us as we emerged from our tent and headed into the crowd.

There was a crowd around the dome and a couple inside. Room enough for us, we crawled inside. She threw herself at me, biting my lip and wrapping her legs around me. Her breasts pressed against me, we kissed as the crowd inches away, obscured by only bits of cloth, peered in, stopping to take in our entwined bodies or continuing on their way. I reached between her legs. My hand was met with warmth and wetness. She reached between mine and felt my cock - stiff and growing larger with her touch. Laying on our sides she reached between her legs and then took her hand, wet from her pussy, reached into my pants and began stroking my cock. I reached into her pants and gently stroked her pussy and slowly put my fingers into her. The crowd outside - just barely outside - ebbed and flowed along with our moans as our hands grew increasingly active. Eyes watched us through the strips of cloth as we writhed and our bodies arched and went into spasms when the orgasm surged in both of us. Our cries were drowned out by the voices of the crowds moving about us.